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January 9, 2016

Went to Seomyeon.

fish-IMG_1249Saw fish drying on the sidewalk near Ion City.

Watched Youth (2015) directed by Paolo Sorrentino at CGV Arthouse. Requires a second viewing.

Bought a Korean/Japanese/Chinese picture dictionary at Kyobo and The Talmud (condensed) at Aladin 알라딘.

cat-IMG_1256 Met this grumpy old cat at a stationary store. Bought some red and blue Japanese marking pens.cat-IMG_1258Had a chimichanga and quesadilla at Bibcock, a small little Mexican joint run by a mother and her daughter.


saturday.bibimbapbibimbap, pork, beans in seomyeon.

zombie-1took a train to sajik for the 8:00pm zombie run.  zombie-2lined up outside asiad, one of the 2002 fifa world cup stadiums, with a few zombies and the living. the zombie boss blew his whistle and it was 30 minutes of running around a dark soccer stadium with zombies chasing.

zombie-3zombie-5turns out that by eight pm zombie run session, the zombies were tired and didn’t do a lot of grabbing. there was a lot grumbling and posing.

the-fix-sweetsback in seomyeon, i had my daily dose of sea creatures.
into the fix for the zombie run after party.the-fix-2the-fix-7 the-fix-3 the-fix-5 the-fix-6four am we split a quarter pounder and cheese, and watched drunk zombies stumbling and grumbling as their makeup peeled and crusted on their faces.