a large dark cat / a book for january

a nightmare. i’m in my old house in los andes. it’s dark and there’s something wrong. i’m not sure what. i walk down the empty rooms expecting to find it. the clouds outside the house reflect the orange streetlights of the city. i wake up in my bed in korea. something heavy on my chest. a large dark cat. i can’t move. it’s growling. i can see it’s red-yellow eyes reflected on a window next to my bed. i can feel its grumble on my chest. i struggle to move until it stops growling and then i’m free. scared. ~4 am.


Nachtmahr. Johann Heinrich Füssli (1741–1825) / wikipedia


the cat from jagalchi market. i shall finish a picture book by the end of january.

oliver jeffers talks about working on picture books.