saturday.bibimbapbibimbap, pork, beans in seomyeon.

zombie-1took a train to sajik for the 8:00pm zombie run.  zombie-2lined up outside asiad, one of the 2002 fifa world cup stadiums, with a few zombies and the living. the zombie boss blew his whistle and it was 30 minutes of running around a dark soccer stadium with zombies chasing.

zombie-3zombie-5turns out that by eight pm zombie run session, the zombies were tired and didn’t do a lot of grabbing. there was a lot grumbling and posing.

the-fix-sweetsback in seomyeon, i had my daily dose of sea creatures.
into the fix for the zombie run after party.the-fix-2the-fix-7 the-fix-3 the-fix-5 the-fix-6four am we split a quarter pounder and cheese, and watched drunk zombies stumbling and grumbling as their makeup peeled and crusted on their faces.

shadows in sao paulo, the dakota and madness

 shadows in sao paulo.

photo by rené burri. nyt article.

plane crashes

…with a happy end. the atlantic photo essay. dietmar eckell.


the dakota from central park. 1890s (wikimedia)

the dakota

site of john lennon’s death and real location of the bramford, rosemary’s apartment (rosemary’s baby. polanski. 1968). the dakota wikipedia article.

madness in the island of dr. moreau (1996)

“New Line forgot about Richard Stanley… Around a month after his disappearance, a group of extras found him living rough in the jungle: he’d fled from the airport to a fruit plantation, where he’d been subsiding on yams, cassava and coconuts, along with his substantial personal stash of marijuana. Sensing an opportunity for mischief, Stanley concocted a plan with the extras to get back on set…” telegraph article.

to see
lost soul: the doomed journey of richard stanley’s island of dr. moreau (2015)