Mark Romanek | director

Mark Romanek

Jump They Say (1993) | David Bowie

Closer (1994) | Nine Inch Nails

Devil’s Haircut (1996) | Beck

Scream (1996) | Michael Jackson

The Perfect Drug (1997) | Nine Inch Nails

Criminal (1997) | Fiona Apple

Got ‘Til It’s Gone (2007) | Janet Jackson

God Gave Me Everything (2001) | Mick Jagger

Hella Good (2002) | No Doubt

Can’t Stop (2002) | Red Hot Chili Peppers

One Hour Photo (2002) | Feature film

Hurt (2003) | Johnny Cash

99 Problems (2004) | Jay-Z

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Worked in Satellite films, part of Propaganda Films.

Catacumbas en Los Andes

Last night we were filming at an old elementary school near Munhyeon. I guess it was built in the decade after the war. It looked like a hoarder of cardboard squatted there. There were bundles of cardboard everywhere. One of the PAs told me the school had been abandoned for about a decade in the 60s or 70s. A lot of things were hidden under black dust covers. As we were shooting in the small atrium, I heard unusual noises. I walked down a dark hallway and entered the classroom from where I thought the noises were coming from.  The classroom was empty except for chairs and desks. The noises seemed to be coming from the ceiling. Water pipes most likely.

I leave the location after 11 to catch the train home. Once in bed I fall asleep quickly.  I am back in a boulder field in the Andes, with the laguna behind me.  I meet my oldest brother and he makes a remark that upsets me. I sit and wait and look towards La Posada. My old dad appears and then we’re in his taller (the one he had by the big window before the one he built by the white higuera). He asks me to follow him to the backyard. The old adobe walls are now brick and elaborate. They remind me of the columbarium walls of Cementerio General. White squids hang to dry like sad socks beneath red brick Gothic arches. There’s a staircase, and he tells me there’s treasure if I follow it down to the catacombs. I wake up con corazon pesado. Outside is drizzling and gray.

Darius Kohndji | Cinematographer