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Fukuoka New Year’s Day

students-DSC_1881New Year’s day. Students near Hakata station.croissant-DSC_1885Had delicious croissants from Il Forno Mignon at Hakata station.Komainu-DSC_1896Komainu 狛犬 at Sumiyoshi shrine 住吉神社. Komainu-DSC_1908sumo-DSC_1925 sumo-DSC_1931Statue of an ancient sumo wrestler revisited.Komainu-DSC_1936Komainu.dog-DSC_1940A dog and his master waiting in line at the shrine.dog-DSC_1942An older couple arrived at the shrine with their respective matching pups. dog-DSC_1945demon-DSC_1951canal-city-DSC_1953Canal City.

kenzo-tonkotsu-DSC_1960 kenzo-tonkotsu-DSC_1962Kawabata shopping arcade.  wrestlers-DSC_1964We were all wrestlers in Japan once.

cat-DSC_1980ネコ. Ca ca catters mccatters ©.   ACROS-DSC_1982ACROS.dog-DSC_1994A little papillon near Watanabe dori.

robot-DSC_2005Had the creeping sensation of being followed.

yatai-DSC_2009Found some yatai 屋台 at the edge of the city. I got excited about a yakuza-looking guy hanging out near the joint that had part of his little finger missing.  She was more excited about the food.

yatai-DSC_2012  Some of the best ramen noddles I’ve had under a plastic tarp.

yatai-DSC_2017fukuoka-castle-DSC_2030Walked the ruins of Fukuoka castle in the dark.

subway-DSC_2036Headed back to our Hakata base. ohori-DSC_2038


Photography, space dogs + treasure

Russia before the revolution. Slide show wired magazine.

Street photography. Slide show lensculture.

Lighting films with mirrors, as in Rashomon forest scene, and flash and mirror photography.


Laika Лайка and the Soviet Space Dogs

“Belka Белка and Strelka Стрелка spent a day in space aboard Korabl-Sputnik 2 on 19 August 1960 before safely returning to Earth.

They were accompanied by a grey rabbit, 42 mice, 2 rats, flies and several plants and fungi. All passengers survived. They were the first Earth-born creatures to go into orbit and return alive.” wikipedia.

Shipwreck off the coast of Colombia.


shadows in sao paulo, the dakota and madness

 shadows in sao paulo.

photo by rené burri. nyt article.

plane crashes

…with a happy end. the atlantic photo essay. dietmar eckell.


the dakota from central park. 1890s (wikimedia)

the dakota

site of john lennon’s death and real location of the bramford, rosemary’s apartment (rosemary’s baby. polanski. 1968). the dakota wikipedia article.

madness in the island of dr. moreau (1996)

“New Line forgot about Richard Stanley… Around a month after his disappearance, a group of extras found him living rough in the jungle: he’d fled from the airport to a fruit plantation, where he’d been subsiding on yams, cassava and coconuts, along with his substantial personal stash of marijuana. Sensing an opportunity for mischief, Stanley concocted a plan with the extras to get back on set…” telegraph article.

to see
lost soul: the doomed journey of richard stanley’s island of dr. moreau (2015)