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Fukuoka | 10/28

police-embassy-DSC_5713Japanese riot police guarding the Korean Embassy.


monk-DSC_5718Komainu-DSC_5783Komainu-DSC_5790Komainu (狛犬)

“Meant to ward off evil spirits, modern komainu statues are almost identical, but one has the mouth open, the other closed. This is a very common characteristic in religious statue pairs at both temples and shrines. This pattern is however Buddhist in origin and has a symbolic meaning. The open mouth is pronouncing the first letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, which is pronounced “a”, while the closed one is uttering the last letter, which is pronounced “um”, to represent the beginning and the end of all things. Together they form the sound Aum, a syllable sacred in several religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.” Wikipedia article.

Komainu-DSC_5752Komainu-DSC_5766torii-DSC_5757Gokoku Shrine 護国神社. fukuoka-DSC_5764fukuoka-DSC_5760fukuoka-DSC_5759yellow-pumpkin-statue-DSC_5742Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生 pumpkin パンプキン sculpture at Fukuoka Art Museum 福岡市美術館. Ohori Park. More Yakoi Kusama pumpkins (INHALE MAG).Fukuoka_Art_Museum-福岡市美術館-DSC_5739Ohori Park.Ohori_Park_DSC_5732Ohori_Park-大濠公園-DSC_5726 leaves-DSC_5816leaf-DSC_5788leaf-DSC_5837Maizuru_Park-DSC_5800Fukuoka Castle ruins 福岡城.Maizuru_Park-DSC_5828Maizuru_Park-DSC_5821October 28, 2014.

volcanic island in the east china sea

we arrive in jeju, korea’s largest island.

DSC_4991lunch by the road.

DSC_4993DSC_5001we drive towards manjanggul.

DSC_5172 a phallic grandfather sculpture guards the entrance to a garden .

DSC_5163we descend to a lava tunnel.



back on the surfaceDSC_5020 a swallow feeds her youngDSC_5027while a cat awaits.  DSC_5188 DSC_5184we stop by a beach and then

DSC_5202off to seongsan ilchulbong peak

DSC_5245jeju black pig and makgeolli dinner. DSC_5248


seoul, pizza, missiles, thai rice and breakdance

DSC_4779 we take the mugunghwa to seoul.


imagei buy 6 books at the what the book bookstore including scary stories to tell in the dark with the original stephen gammell illustration.

DSC_4788i  read outliers with some trevi pizza and wine for lunch. pepperoni. quattro formaggi. still the best pizza this or that side of the dmz.

i walk down itaewon-ro in the heart of the american military presence in korea.

DSC_4811i meet some friends on my way to the war memorial museum.



politicians can’t afford to lose face.

turns out they’re having a little protest outside the walls of the yongsan garrison.


DSC_4814  DSC_4817turns out not everybody is into gringos or thaads.


the war memorial of korea.



DSC_4917 some of the sculptures may inspire you to kick some ass.

DSC_4870missiles. lots.

DSC_4856 young children climbing heavy artillery. lots.


DSC_4886turtle ships.

DSC_4890fighting monks retaking pyongyang castle from the japanese.

sweetie, bear, IU, her boyfriend and i meet up for my thai in itaewon.DSC_4934


DSC_4936across from the restaurant somebody convinced somebody putting a kidnapper-van/bar on top of a building would be a good idea.

DSC_4939we go dancing.

DSC_4960-1the dance floor is well-stocked with koreans, nigerians, and american gis.

as the clock strikes midnight, a breakdance fight breaks out.

sunday we take the mugunghwa out of seoul. 5 hours later night falls and we’re back in busan.



1800s american presence in korea