red brick, narrow lanes

Ran 30 minutes on upper Banyeo around Baejan-ro. Near the market I found red brick apartments lining narrow back streets and alleys. They resembled Victorian era working class housing in East London. Similar, perhaps, to Jack the Ripper’s old stomping grounds.
Started listening to the audiobook of The Man In The High Castle on youtube.


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eldo dude


one of the pixel cartoons i made as a logo for a line of sandwiches from eldorado market.

pixel animation:
8-bit music.
a pixel bird circles high in the blue sky. we crane down to find eldo dude shirtless, climbing up the rock face of the Bastille. his tummy grumbles. he keeps climbing. his tummy grumbles again. he says “dude, i’m hungry”
he jumps off the rock face, into the forest, he bounces off a ponderosa, a bear, a cougar, then runs down a trail, passing hikers and mtn. bikers. he reaches eldorado corner market, which is painted yellow and purple. a flag flies high. he jumps on it. he brings it down. fireworks flare up over bear peak. he goes into the market.
different pixel sandwiches appear over the mountains.

the purple and yellow corner market was demolished in 2012.

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lotte after dark

Some weeks ago, I was in the fancy silverware section of the Lotte department store. I was looking at forks when the clock struck 9. I was admiring a thick fork with plain features when I perceived a slight change of mood in my periphery. A midnight-is-upon-us bell began ringing through the PA system. The ringing of the clockbell was followed by a scratchy version of the So Long Farewell song from the Sound of Music. I looked up from the forks and noticed that the saleswoman near me had assumed a military posture. Her eyes were fixed ahead and she stood at attention. I dropped the fork and made for the escalator. I looked around and realized everybody on the floor stood at attention as if a great leader was about to goose-step down the main aisle. I hurried to the escalator feeling I was in midst of an ancient secret ceremony. Everybody I passed was snapped to attention. When the song ended, the salespeople all bowed in unison.