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All the Pretty Horses

McCarthy, Cormac. All the Pretty Horses. Kindle Edition. 1992.

“A long fan of light ran out from the east and the rising sun swelled blood red along the horizon.” (location 1285)

“I dont believe in signing on just till it quits suitin you.” (location 2323)

“and a thin white dog who seemed to have been awaiting just such an arrival came over and urinated for a long time against the rear tire of the truck and went back.” (location 2609)

“That all courage was a form of constancy. That it was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily.” (location 3508)

“as he rode he talked to it and told it things about the world that were true in his experience and he told it things he thought could be true to see how they would sound if they were said.” (location 3609)

“repeated what his father had once told him, that scared money cant win and a worried man cant love.” (location 3683)

“walls where the first lamps were lit, the narrow spires of smoke standing vertically into the windless dawn so still the village seemed to hang by threads from the darkness.”  (location 3837)

“sleep he dreamt of horses and the horses in his dream moved gravely among the tilted stones like horses come upon an antique site where some ordering of the world had failed and if anything had been written on the stones the weathers had taken it away again and the horses were wary and moved with great circumspection carrying in their blood as they did the recollection of this and other places where horses once had been and would be again.” (location 4187)

“me not to chew on somethin that was eatin you.” (location 4355)

“They sat very quietly. The dead moon hung in the west and the long flat shapes of the nightclouds passed before it like a phantom fleet.”  (location 4469)

Read June-July 1213