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Fukuoka, Jan 2, 2016

reflection-DSC_2039Hakata Station.graffiti-DSC_2040hand-DSC_2041door-DSC_2045From the station we walked south towards Minoshima Market street. black-beetle-DSC_2047The market was closed but we found:cat-DSC_2053a neko guarding an alleyflowers-DSC_2054little gardensdoor-DSC_2060doorswooden-ball_DSC_2063yatai-DSC_2065yatai parking door-DSC_2067more doors. door-DSC_2068squid-ika-イカ-DSC_2070Later, thought about having some chewy Ika イカ.

noodles-DSC_2077Had some noodles instead

Gyoza-餃子-DSC_2089and gyoza 餃子.fukuoka-tower-DSC_2108Headed north to Fukuoka Tower. We merged into a crowd of women fresh out of a concert by boy band Kanjani Eight performing near by at the Yafuoku! Dome. They all carried bags printed with the band’s lips-and-sharp-teeth logo.

card-DSC_2110Left a mustached octopus behind. view-DSC_2112Observed.city-view-DSC_2114city-view-DSC_2117lovelock-DSC_2123Love locks at “lover’s sanctuary”.loveForSale-DSC_2129Love for sale. ¥1,000robots-DSC_2139Robo-bins loitering at Nishijin-eki 西新駅.yatai-along-nakagawa-那珂川-DSC_2142We had our last pork ramen at the yatai street by the Nakagawa 那珂川. A group of Koreans (kankoku) arrived. The girl in the group said the cook was bery handsome in Korean. Her male friends studied him and agreed. The Japanese cook understood and blushed, and tried to look cool. The ramen wasn’t as good as the night before.


banyeo to sajik

banyeo. saw the local tomcat chasing a marauding intruder. they tumbled out from under a parked car letting out war cries. the catfight rolled onto the busy street. the cabdrivers slowed down and gave the warriors a brake-a courtesy not often extended to civilians and pedestrians.

crossed the suyong into yeonsan. followed gobun-ro along baeksan mountain. went over the tunnel that cuts into one of baeksan’s protuding ridges. at the top, i visited the ancient tombs of yeonsandong (옌산동고분군) from the gaya period (first to 6th century AD).




DSC_0344found a not-so-ancient artifact in the sexy and shady district surrounding yeonsan intersection. possible relic of a demolished love motel.

DSC_0352followed the worldcup-daero road, renamed for the 2002 fifa world cup that took place near by.
past geojeyeok entered an old neighborhood.
signs of mudang and shamans.

DSC_0354a door to an abandoned house.

DSC_0355a neighborhood that will be swept away by the new korea of high rises and lotte castles.

DSC_0356a pastoral scene.