rugged travelers

dog_colorado-DSC2198 lost and found photography by michael joseph

reminded me of the rugged travelers passing colorado.

photographer matt black’s geography of poverty project| rural life in california’s central valley.

kingdom of dust and matt black’s website

pulitzer center

online photo magazines:

lens culture

don’t take pictures

did di di di dit…

dog_colorado-DSC2211march 2011 | a dog and his nomad master near a gas station in downtown boulder.

the dokkebi at the end of the road

asian toad in suyeonglast night i biked towards anpyeong , a town of old country roads, and smells of burnt grass and decomposing organic matter. i turned towards jangsan mountain and the street soon became a dirt road. then it was just the light of my torch and the narrowing path in front of me. as things got creepier i started thinking about old dokkebis cooking stew in their little skull-strewn caves.  i smelled a slow brewing cauldron somewhere near by. i inspected the treeline with my headlamp and a pair of cat eyes glowed back at me from the jungle. the road ended at a metal gate where i assume a dokkebi and its pet cat lived. it had cctv. i heard a low rumble. i looked back and in the distance i saw a train of the elevated line four quietly slither on the tracks above the empty street.

beyond the oncheoncheon | june 16

school cancelled for 3 days because of mers.
at 3 i start a long bike ride around busan.

west to oncheoncheon.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

up the creek i find men net casting on a pool of water.

i stop in pnu for lunch.  i turn around and bike south to seomyeon. i cross to west busan, the industrial heart of the city.

i arrive at the banks of the nakdong around 7.

DSC_5744i travel south to dadaepo beach following the river.

DSC_5762night falls

DSC_5763men building fires in the dark. praying or passing time where the nakdong empties into the pacific.

DSC_5769in dadae, makeoli for the protectors.

a little after 10 i pass a shop that makes plastic lucky pigs and other creatures in busanjin. they’re working late, perhaps trying to meet a deadline. i hear a machine somewhere in the shop. the machine makes rhythmic sounds as if breathing.  with every exhalation out comes a new plastic toy. inside the shop i see a woman sitting on the floor surrounded by a thousand yellow plastic hearts. she is fixing heart-shape stickers on each plastic heart. handmade i suppose.



DSC_5772i stop in seomyeon for a burrito. by 11:30 im home.