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Night Ride

Tuesday, September 29. Gangjeong Goryeongbo to Jaesong, Busan. About 200 kms.



goryeong-gun-jangseung-DSC_9387Not a lot of time to take pictures.

nakdong-last-kms-DSC_9455The sun sets again.

changneyong-hammanbo-moon-DSC_9413The moon is rising over Hammanbo and I’m still about 70 or 80 kilometers from Busan.

changnyeong-bike-path-DSC_9448The bike path is lit by green lights for a few kilometers. Sometimes I pass bikers going the other way. Then is just me, my bike, the moon, the river and the eerie Korean countryside.   changnyeong-hammanbo-DSC_9423Hours later I reach Yangsan and buy water at the first vending machine I find. The city looks abandoned except for predatory taxis.  I leave the river path and head towards Nopo at the northern end of Busan. Near PNU I get on the Oncheoncheon creek bike path. Elly meets me in Dongrae with a cupcake and candles to celebrate. I keep biking southeast to Suyong and cross the river at Gwajeong gyo. I arrive in Jaesong at 2 or 2:30am the night of my fourth day.

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here to there. a brief history. the atlantic.

weapons. a brief history. the atlantic.

i walked jaeban-ro looking for a place to eat. the night was hot and the moon was coming out behind jangsan. the moon was yellow and almost full. there were dead cicadas on the road. some were missing  wings. others were just empty shells of metamorphosed nymphs. the live ones sang from their hiding places in the trees. a young mother and her son strolled on the mountain side of jaeban-ro. the mother held a pink butterfly net and waved it in the air while her infant son walked behind. she dropped the net on the little boy like in a cartoon and dragged him smiling up the hill.

i walked to centum city. i had ham and cheese in a ciabatta while i read. then i sat on a table outside a gs convenient store and read some more while a few office workers smoked and contemplated the street, the moon or their phones.

나는 센텀시티를 걸었다. 달은 노란색 이었다.  나는 온천천을(溫泉川) 다렸다.

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beyond the oncheoncheon | june 16

school cancelled for 3 days because of mers.
at 3 i start a long bike ride around busan.

west to oncheoncheon.

Polaroid CUBE

Polaroid CUBE

up the creek i find men net casting on a pool of water.

i stop in pnu for lunch.  i turn around and bike south to seomyeon. i cross to west busan, the industrial heart of the city.

i arrive at the banks of the nakdong around 7.

DSC_5744i travel south to dadaepo beach following the river.

DSC_5762night falls

DSC_5763men building fires in the dark. praying or passing time where the nakdong empties into the pacific.

DSC_5769in dadae, makeoli for the protectors.

a little after 10 i pass a shop that makes plastic lucky pigs and other creatures in busanjin. they’re working late, perhaps trying to meet a deadline. i hear a machine somewhere in the shop. the machine makes rhythmic sounds as if breathing.  with every exhalation out comes a new plastic toy. inside the shop i see a woman sitting on the floor surrounded by a thousand yellow plastic hearts. she is fixing heart-shape stickers on each plastic heart. handmade i suppose.



DSC_5772i stop in seomyeon for a burrito. by 11:30 im home.