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here to there. a brief history. the atlantic.

weapons. a brief history. the atlantic.

i walked jaeban-ro looking for a place to eat. the night was hot and the moon was coming out behind jangsan. the moon was yellow and almost full. there were dead cicadas on the road. some were missing  wings. others were just empty shells of metamorphosed nymphs. the live ones sang from their hiding places in the trees. a young mother and her son strolled on the mountain side of jaeban-ro. the mother held a pink butterfly net and waved it in the air while her infant son walked behind. she dropped the net on the little boy like in a cartoon and dragged him smiling up the hill.

i walked to centum city. i had ham and cheese in a ciabatta while i read. then i sat on a table outside a gs convenient store and read some more while a few office workers smoked and contemplated the street, the moon or their phones.

나는 센텀시티를 걸었다. 달은 노란색 이었다.  나는 온천천을(溫泉川) 다렸다.

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eldo dude


one of the pixel cartoons i made as a logo for a line of sandwiches from eldorado market.

pixel animation:
8-bit music.
a pixel bird circles high in the blue sky. we crane down to find eldo dude shirtless, climbing up the rock face of the Bastille. his tummy grumbles. he keeps climbing. his tummy grumbles again. he says “dude, i’m hungry”
he jumps off the rock face, into the forest, he bounces off a ponderosa, a bear, a cougar, then runs down a trail, passing hikers and mtn. bikers. he reaches eldorado corner market, which is painted yellow and purple. a flag flies high. he jumps on it. he brings it down. fireworks flare up over bear peak. he goes into the market.
different pixel sandwiches appear over the mountains.

the purple and yellow corner market was demolished in 2012.

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