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Fukuoka, Jan 2, 2016

reflection-DSC_2039Hakata Station.graffiti-DSC_2040hand-DSC_2041door-DSC_2045From the station we walked south towards Minoshima Market street. black-beetle-DSC_2047The market was closed but we found:cat-DSC_2053a neko guarding an alleyflowers-DSC_2054little gardensdoor-DSC_2060doorswooden-ball_DSC_2063yatai-DSC_2065yatai parking door-DSC_2067more doors. door-DSC_2068squid-ika-イカ-DSC_2070Later, thought about having some chewy Ika イカ.

noodles-DSC_2077Had some noodles instead

Gyoza-餃子-DSC_2089and gyoza 餃子.fukuoka-tower-DSC_2108Headed north to Fukuoka Tower. We merged into a crowd of women fresh out of a concert by boy band Kanjani Eight performing near by at the Yafuoku! Dome. They all carried bags printed with the band’s lips-and-sharp-teeth logo.

card-DSC_2110Left a mustached octopus behind. view-DSC_2112Observed.city-view-DSC_2114city-view-DSC_2117lovelock-DSC_2123Love locks at “lover’s sanctuary”.loveForSale-DSC_2129Love for sale. ¥1,000robots-DSC_2139Robo-bins loitering at Nishijin-eki 西新駅.yatai-along-nakagawa-那珂川-DSC_2142We had our last pork ramen at the yatai street by the Nakagawa 那珂川. A group of Koreans (kankoku) arrived. The girl in the group said the cook was bery handsome in Korean. Her male friends studied him and agreed. The Japanese cook understood and blushed, and tried to look cool. The ramen wasn’t as good as the night before.

Fukuoka New Year’s Day

students-DSC_1881New Year’s day. Students near Hakata station.croissant-DSC_1885Had delicious croissants from Il Forno Mignon at Hakata station.Komainu-DSC_1896Komainu 狛犬 at Sumiyoshi shrine 住吉神社. Komainu-DSC_1908sumo-DSC_1925 sumo-DSC_1931Statue of an ancient sumo wrestler revisited.Komainu-DSC_1936Komainu.dog-DSC_1940A dog and his master waiting in line at the shrine.dog-DSC_1942An older couple arrived at the shrine with their respective matching pups. dog-DSC_1945demon-DSC_1951canal-city-DSC_1953Canal City.

kenzo-tonkotsu-DSC_1960 kenzo-tonkotsu-DSC_1962Kawabata shopping arcade.  wrestlers-DSC_1964We were all wrestlers in Japan once.

cat-DSC_1980ネコ. Ca ca catters mccatters ©.   ACROS-DSC_1982ACROS.dog-DSC_1994A little papillon near Watanabe dori.

robot-DSC_2005Had the creeping sensation of being followed.

yatai-DSC_2009Found some yatai 屋台 at the edge of the city. I got excited about a yakuza-looking guy hanging out near the joint that had part of his little finger missing.  She was more excited about the food.

yatai-DSC_2012  Some of the best ramen noddles I’ve had under a plastic tarp.

yatai-DSC_2017fukuoka-castle-DSC_2030Walked the ruins of Fukuoka castle in the dark.

subway-DSC_2036Headed back to our Hakata base. ohori-DSC_2038


Fukuoka 福岡 December 31, 2015

fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1779fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1782Waiting in line for steak and pork intestines. Underground near Hakata station 博多駅.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1794fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1806Our apartment near Hakata station.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1801fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1810A man carrying a ceremonial, evil-destroying arrow Hama Yumi purchased from a near by Shino temple (Wakahachimangu 若八幡, Gion station 祇園駅). fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1813We had takoyaki たこ焼き and other snacks from street vendors while we waited in line outside a Shinto temple.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1825fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1836Statues of Kappa playing in a waterfall. Tenjin Chikagai under Watanabe dori. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1840Watanabe dori. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1848Ramen tickets.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1852Tonkotsu ramen, our last meal of the year.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1861Claw cranes near Solaria. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1862 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1864 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1865 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1866 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1869

Fukuoka | 10/28

police-embassy-DSC_5713Japanese riot police guarding the Korean Embassy.


monk-DSC_5718Komainu-DSC_5783Komainu-DSC_5790Komainu (狛犬)

“Meant to ward off evil spirits, modern komainu statues are almost identical, but one has the mouth open, the other closed. This is a very common characteristic in religious statue pairs at both temples and shrines. This pattern is however Buddhist in origin and has a symbolic meaning. The open mouth is pronouncing the first letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, which is pronounced “a”, while the closed one is uttering the last letter, which is pronounced “um”, to represent the beginning and the end of all things. Together they form the sound Aum, a syllable sacred in several religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.” Wikipedia article.

Komainu-DSC_5752Komainu-DSC_5766torii-DSC_5757Gokoku Shrine 護国神社. fukuoka-DSC_5764fukuoka-DSC_5760fukuoka-DSC_5759yellow-pumpkin-statue-DSC_5742Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生 pumpkin パンプキン sculpture at Fukuoka Art Museum 福岡市美術館. Ohori Park. More Yakoi Kusama pumpkins (INHALE MAG).Fukuoka_Art_Museum-福岡市美術館-DSC_5739Ohori Park.Ohori_Park_DSC_5732Ohori_Park-大濠公園-DSC_5726 leaves-DSC_5816leaf-DSC_5788leaf-DSC_5837Maizuru_Park-DSC_5800Fukuoka Castle ruins 福岡城.Maizuru_Park-DSC_5828Maizuru_Park-DSC_5821October 28, 2014.

Fukuoka 福岡 and Hakata 博多 | 1


Fukuoka Art Museum 福岡市美術館 at Ohori Park 大濠公園

Castle ruins at Maizuru Park.

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Yatai 屋台

Oden, Yakitori (chicken skewers).

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Outside Fukuoka:

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Dazaifu city (太宰府市) (25 mins outside the city)Tenmangu Shrine, Kyushu National Museum.

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