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Fargo/Coen Brothers (i) week syllabus 01/22-01/29


Fargo  (1996) Coen brothersRoger Deakins


Dramatic construction with index cards. Each card = one minute of screen time, one script page.

“writing on each of them a minimal number of words that describe a step in the narrative… Important character interactions in a scene.” (Mackendrick p. 45)

what each main character in the scene wants. scene objective. how the story moves forward.

Script to read:

Fargo (Coen brothers)

Course book:

On Film-making (Alexander Mackendrick)

Films to watch this week:

Nightfall | Jacques Tourneur (1957)

On Dangerous Ground | Nicholas Ray (1951)

Article “five films that influenced the Coens’ classic” from BFI

Articles to read:


Essay or script:

500 words on Fargo or neo-noir script 3-5 pages (Saturday)

Location scouting:



Writing/Film Project:

Chukkumi (mornings)


Book to read:

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. James Joyce.


Photo project:


inherent vice

lack of plot.complicated plots. lack of artificial exposition. natural unfolding of the story.

to see

repo man (1984) by alex cox

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the big sleep (1946)

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north by northwest (1959)

police squad! (1982)

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the joy of filmmaking

the close-up on p t anderson, 58 mins.

josh brolin. dp/30

short indiewire (1998) on the coen brothers:

The coen brothers speak (reluctantly) the big lebowsky, the big sleep, etc.

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young

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