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Mountain Fortress 금정산성 金井山城 Sajik to PNU | Yeonsan to Gwangan.

path-DSC_7294Hiked from Sajik to PNU. memi-DSC_7194Memi in hiding.
south-gate-DSC_7211 wall-DSC_7210Had lunch near the south gate of a mountain fortress 金井山城門.pajeon-DSC_7252 pajeon-DSC_7245 makgeolli-DSC_7227Ate the pajeon. Drank the makgeolli.geum-DSC_7256mushroom-DSC_7287DSC_7281Ruins.DSC_7280 DSC_7273 the-sea-DSC_7276Gwangan, Baesan mountain, and the Pacific Ocean in the distance.tree-rocks-DSC_7302nakdong-gimhe-DSC_7297The fork that divides the Nakdong and the West Nakdong 西.top-DSC_7304 roof-pattern-DSC_7314Roof geology. tiger-magpie-DSC_7317Saw an old friend. 호랑이 | 虎狼. yum-hummus-DSC_7331Had dinner at Yammy Green near Baesan mountain. yam-hummus-DSC_7332Delicious hummus sandwiches and vegan burgers.

Walked south, towards Gwangan. pattern-DSC_7336Patterns and light on Gobun road. firestation-DSC_7344Shadows at a fire station. kim-DSC_7350French fries, beer and indoctrination.  pup-DSC_7356 Sleepy doggers, pet shop.manikins-DSC_7365Manikins. Suyeong intersection.












pyongyang кафе

our awkward and dericious dinner at pyongyang cafe.
pyongyang-DSC_6493i had cognac with my food, something the late mr. kim would have approved. pyongyang-DSC_6509bulgogi.

pyongyang-DSC_6514mandu with a view.

pyonyang-DSC_6519the waitresses were all north koreans (allegedly). there were four of them, skinny and well-dressed, watching the fina world championships while they waited on us. the room was equipped with a norebang machine just in case the cognac got out of hand.  pyongyang-DSC_6525Пхеньян кафе



waiver to enter the JSA

“The visit to the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom will entail entry into a hostile area and possibility of injury or death as a direct result of enemy action.”

“Although incidents are not anticipated, the United Nations Command, the United States of America, and the Republic of Korea cannot guarantee the safety of visitors and may not be held accountable in the event of a hostile enemy act.”

unc buildings.




no man’s land.

IMG_0578yonder, noth korea.

here be dragons and communists.


war memorial of korea

war memorial of korea. yongsan, seoul.

DSC_7714anti-aircraft guns. DSC_7728galleries with names carved on black marble.DSC_7731 casualties of the korean war.DSC_7741from south carolina

DSC_7737the memorial and the dragon hill neighborhood.


north korean high ranking official publicly executed by anti-aircraft gun shot. may 2013.

Foreign Policy: A Story of Paranoia and Gore: Why North Korea Uses Such Brutal Execution Methods

Unusual Activity at the Kanggon Military Training Area in North Korea: Evidence of Execution by Anti-aircraft Machine Guns? HRNK Insider

North Korean Famine (Arduous March) 1994-1998.

monsters, communists, kidnappings, the koreas

podcast, movies and books.

kidnapped by n. korea to make films: act one of this american life 556: same bed, different dreams.

film director shin sang-ok  신상옥 and wive, ex-wife and re-wife, actor choi eun-hee 최은희

“pulgasari” japanese poster via wikipedia.

full movie with subtitles
pulgasari. 1985. north korea. godzilla-type film directed by mr. shin.

capitalist/feudal lord-crushing proletarian monsta.

mother and a guest. south korea. 1961. starring mrs. choi.

A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker, His Star Actress, and a Young Dictator’s Rise to Power by paul fischer
on amazon kindle

shin’s and choi’s memoir: either called kingdom of kim or i am a movie or Chogugŭn Chŏhanŭl Chŏmŏlli (My Motherland is Faraway) published in 1988/2001.

take a look at on the art of cinema (published in 1973) by the late kim jong-il.

film grant, whiplash short and tension in the koreas begins again

American envoy gets slashed in Seoul. Tensions with North Korea rise as the US and the ROK play war games.

via wikipedia

Saw the full moon bonfire in Haeundae beach. Threw a bamboo stake into the fire. Danced with the ganggangsullae ajumas for a lap around the fire.

http://filmmakermagazine.com/93323-watch-whiplash-the-short/#.VPUnAHyUeUl11 (linkrot)