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coronado sets out to gimhae

we set out west in the early afternoon. drove through mandeok tunnel and over the nakdong gang. arrived  around four in gimhae, ancient capital of the gaya kingdom. my new scooter, coronado, choked up climbing a hill.  it refused to restart. carburetor problems. all scooter shops were closed. we coasted on coronado down until the street leveled off. we pushed it for about a kilometer, passing old scrap metal dealers and sleepy streets. parked it under inje university’s light rail transit station next to two other dead scooters. we shall return for you.

coronado sets out to the north by frederic remington via wikipedia

frederic remington painter, sculptor, writer, illustrator.

harry truman’s rebuilding of the white house article in the new york times.

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the book of legendary lands by umberto eco