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white death in the white war

alpini in the italian front. 1915. from the Bibliothèque nationale de France via wikimedia commons

preserved bodies of wwi soldiers appear as glaciers retreat in the austrian and italian alps.

wwi battles between the italian alpini, and the austrian kaiserschützen (imperial infantry) in trentino and southern tyrol.

use of ice-trenches, avalanche warfare with mortars.

bodies and artifacts are emerging in the presana glacier.

book: the white war. life and death on the italian front, 1915-1919 (2008) by mark thompson

peio area where some of the battles were fought.

the highest front lines in history. 12,000 ft.

trentino grande guerra museum

motherboard article global warming is thawing out the frozen corpses of a forgotten wwi battle

italian front wikipedia article

trento, capital of the autonomous province of  trentino.

marmolada 3,343 m /10,968 ft. highest mountain in the dolomites

see gardena pass