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Jaseongdae | 자성대 | 子城臺

Headed over to Busanjin to explore the 400-year-old remains of a Japanese castle.
underpass-DSC_4615Found lots of walkers.
path-DSC_4636stairs-DSC_4632Found a couple of shrines.little-buddha-DSC_4647shrine-DSC_4639  shrine-DSC_4652Got off the main path and followed the trail around the hill.paths-DSC_4666Found Mōri Terumoto‘s fortress walls.  wall-close-up-DSC_4725wall-DSC_4661 wall-plants-DSC_4676 trees-wall-DSC_4680 wall-close-up-DSC_4700 wall-DSC_4702 wall-tree-DSC_4704Jinjiseong at the top of the hill in the Korean style of contruction.  Jinjiseong-DSC_4710 Jinjiseong-DSC_4712bridge-DSC_4719 wall-tree-DSC_4736 wall-DSC_4747 wall-DSC_4750 wall-close-up-DSC_4749 west-gate-DSC_4756West Gate reconstruction (1974) in Korean style.

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seodaemun prison camp

seodaemun prison camp

built in the early 1900s to hold korean nationalists during the japanese occupation of korea. after wwii, the south korean government used the prison until it was shut down in the 1980s. reopened as a museum in the 90s._DSC7356high school romance at the prison.

_DSC7370a boy reads a pokemon book, a character created by japanese video game designer satoshi tajiri, in front of a wall of koreans held at the camp during the occupation.

_DSC7392interrogation scenes.

_DSC7398bamboo under the nails torture.

_DSC7411solitary._DSC7454angry guard.

_DSC7405an elementary school kid on a field trip chokes a guard mannequin in one the torture chambers.

_DSC7463the former prison lies west of dongnimmun station on the seoul subway line 3.

korea, china, manchuria and the pacific under japanese occupation.

via wikimedia commons.

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