Capture the Moment

The Pulitzer Prize Photographs

Max Desfor

Korean war photos


In nine minutes it was all over. 1957. Sinking of the Andrea Doria. Harry A. Trask.

Carrying a brown stick to strike. 1961. Assassination of Asanuma. Yasushi Nagao.

The Knife was a threat-and I think he used it. 1965. Vietnam – Crime And Punishment. Horst Faas.

The door opened and I felt a cold chill. 1970. Racial protest at Cornell University. Steven Starr.

One of the most positive women I’d ever met. 1970. Migration in the Glades. Dallas Kinney.

Afterwards… the dreams and nightmares. 1971. Illinois State Schools for the Retarded. Jack Dykinga.

It’s better to stay… than to run away. 1972. Torture in Dacca. Horst Faas and Michel Laurent. (diagonal framing)

The loneliness and desolation of war. 1972. Vietnam – Lone U.S. Soldier. David Hume Kennedy.  (See lines)

Too hot, please help me! 1973. Vietnam – Terror of War. Huynh Cong (“Nick”) Ut.

When your mind and heart are there. 1975. Lull in the Battle. Gerald H. Gay. (see lines that cross)

Mr. Wilson, you are known to be tough. 1975. Washington lifestyle. Mathew Lewis. (diagonal line)

No place to take cover. 1977. Brutality in Bangkok. Neal Ulevich.

The numbing transition from life to death. 1980. Justice and Cleansing in Iran. Jahangir Razmi.

Doing… crazy stuff to get the cows moving. 1980. The American Cowboy. Erwin “Skeeter” Hagler.

Things got wildly out of control. 1981. Liberia – Executioners Celebrate. Larry C. Price.

Through my lens I saw him grimace. 1982. Assassination Attempt. Ron Edmonds.

I breathe the city, the city is everything. 1982. Life in Chicago. John H. White. (pattern / size)

Keep your focus, literally and figuratively. 1983. El Salvador -The Killing Ground. James B. Dickman. (contrast / diagonal)

Even in wartime, life goes on. 1984. War in Lebanon. Stan Grossfeld.

It was a very intimate moment. 1984. Memorial Day. Anthony Suau.

A whole fresh round of killings. 1985. War-Torn Angola and El Salvador. Larry C. Price.

The sound of kids dying of starvation. 1985. Ethiopian Famine. Stan Grossfeld.

We Knew the turf, we knew the people. 1987. Ferdinand Marcos Takes a Fall. Kim Komenich.

People were almost silly with euphoria. 1990. Freedom Uprising. David C. Turnley.

Who is he? What’s he done? 1991. Human Torch. Greg Marinovich.

The mob parted long enough. 1994. Dead U.S. Soldier in Modadishy. Paul Watson.

I’m really, really sorry I didn’t pick the child up. 1994. Waiting Game for Sudanese Child. Kevin Carter.

They were trying to tear him apart. 1995. Crisis in Haiti. Carol Guzy.

Share the prize with Yeltsin. 1997. Yeltsin Rocks in Rostov. Alexander Zemlianichenko.

People would flee together as a village. 1998. Trek of Tears – An African Journey. Martha Rial.

The innocence and the horror. 2000. Fleeing Kosovo. Carol Guzy, Lucian Perkins, and Michael Williamson.

What’s happening? What’s happening? 2001. Elian. Alan Diaz.

A ball of fire appeared in the viewfinder. 2002. World Trade Center Attack.

A small space where peace exists in a sea of war. 2002. War and Peace in Afghanistan.

He was in a sunset of fire and smoke. 2003. Colorado’s Wildfires.

The most perilous migration route I have ever seen. 2003. Enrique’s Journey. Don Bartletti.

I was struck by the fear in her eyes. 2004. Monrovia under siege. Carolyn Cole.

The gunner shot bullets and I shot pictures. 2005. War Zone.

Everywhere you looked, it got sadder. 2006. Katrina.

**She saw them… and ran toward the barricade. 2007. Defending the Barricade. Oded Balilty.

My eyes caught a person flying backwards through the air. 2008. Death in the Streets. Adrees Latif.

I knew I had to record the action of that girl. 2012. Attack in Kabul. Massoud Hossaini.

** I only saw the beautiful light. 2013. Siege of Aleppo. Javier Manzano.

This is just plain and simple murder of unarmed civilians. 2014. Militants Attack Mall in Nairobi. Tyler Hicks. (patterns)