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read my mind

I look up and see them.

Window workers in Centum City

I think the same thing other people think about people hanging from buildings.

I’ve been listening to one song over and over. “Read my Mind” by The Killers. I don’t like the music video and the song is not something I would normally enjoy. The video is weird in a lazy way. But there are some manjar-covered parts within the song that feel nice and sweet to me… like Brandon Flowers, the vocalist, unexpectedly changing his voice to sing “Oh Well”… or his appearance… his western mustache and tie. When I watch the video I see myself in the future. I’m in the future listening to this song and reminiscing about the past (now, the present)… my nights here in Korea. And in that past, I’m wearing a western mustache and tie, and I’m on a hipster bike cruising down Korean alleyways after a light rain. The wet streets shine under neon signs.

So even if the video and song feel lame, the combination has an emotional effect on me… and about 13,000,000 other viewers. That effect is total star-quality.

For your consideration