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the only gold we ever found


we found the flake after a day of shoveling dirt into a gold extracting contraption my dad built out of air ducts and the air filter from a truck. it was 2009 or 2010 in the heyday of our gold ventures in clear creek. some time later i gave him the gold to keep safe while i traveled to s korea. he lost it somewhere in his house. or at least he can’t remember where he put it. it’s probably in the same spot where he hid and forgot his alleged $500-winning scratchcard.

los mineros del oro

My dad and I traveled around Colorado during two summers. We tried our luck as gold miners in the river. We explored  abandoned mines and ghost towns. This is the video of that time. Part documentary, part family chronicle. Part 1. In Spanish and English with Spanish subtitles. There’s drinking. There’s playing with dirt by the river. There’s driving a white  van (yes, kidnapper-style) up and down the Rockies.  And there’s the people we met. Some part historian, others part miner, many part character from a different era.


Some of what we found: