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God does not play dice


A mix of Japanese, Korean, foam, yes/no, 12 earthly branches, 6D, 4D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 18D, 20D, 24D and western dice.

Cho-Han 丁半

Two dice with cup. Bet on “Chō” (even) or “Han” (odd) . Played by the bakuto 博徒 in feudal Japan.

similar to the Chinese:

Sic bo 骰寶 | 大細 | 大小

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Liar’s dice/Cacho

South American. Five dice in a leather cup.


Elimination-style game. Two dice.


5 or 6 dice.



List of dice games from wikipedia.

More games.

I have my own dice game that I play with a Spongebob Squarepants cup from Daiso and two dice. It’s an incentive to participate in class. It’s called…

Dais Geim 다이스 게임.

if you roll:

an 8, you roll again. If you roll 3 consecutive 8s you get 8 stars (one sticker per 3 stars) . So far three have rolled 2 consecutive 8s but none has rolled a triple 8.

snake-eyes or boxcars gets you three stars or one sticker

3,5, 10, or an 11 gets you a double star.

a 6 gets you a single star.

a 7 gets you a sarcastic “lucky 7!” and no star.

a four gets you a minus star (I only use this when I call it deinja dais as opposed to happee dais).

a 9 gets you get a nein!

and nothing.

non-transitive dice

Nontransitive dice Wikipedia article. More on nontransitive dice.


Dr.M.Winkelmann via wikimedia


On Chinese dice the 4 is always red.

The word for four () and death () sound similar in Mandarin Chinese.

The story of the emperor who ordered the four on dice colored red.

See Tetraphobia.

The character for dice in Chinese 骰子 has the radical 骨 bone as ancient dice were made out of bone.

Types of Chinese dice.

Dice from different countries.

Book: Chinese Games with Dice and Dominoes.

Ancient Board Games at the British Museum.

See list of Chinese radicals.