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bbc planet earth
*deer cave in borneo. Largest.
*glow worms capturing prey with silk and mucus.
*Use of colored lights to cheat cave illumination/ambiance
*manta rays in sea caves
*snake catching bats
*cave salamanders with external gills. Use of shadow on the wall.
*Bats getting snatched by birds of pray in mid air.
*Birds using echolocation clicks
*camera circling calcite stalacts
*mayans and cenotes
*sulfuric acid flowing out of via luz cave in mexico.
*la truquilla? bacteria using sulfuric acid. xtremophiles?

the jungle

jungles. bbc 2006. part of the series planet earth.
perhaps one of the best documentaries i have ever seen.
*seamless time lapse of fungi and plants growing.
*bird of paradise with fluorescent blue plumage bouncing and courting a female.
*cordyceps emerging from the sad carcasses of insects as the camera circles them.
*gangs of human-like, badass chimps roaming their turfs in the congo.

executive producer: alastair fothergill
cinematography: doug allen
aerial dp: Michael Kelem

technical aspects:

workflow, use of hd and time lapse

2,000 days of shooting,
70+ camera operators
$25 million
5 years
(source USA TODAY)

Panasonic’s AJ-HDC27 VariCam
Sony HDW-750 HDCAM cameras
35mm and super16mm also used (ARRI SR2 Super 16 cameras up to 150fps).
Photron camera for super slow motion (up to 400fps) (used since 1970s).
More on use of photron camera in the article.

aerial photography:
Cineflex-HD gyro-stabilize with Sony HDC-F950 CineAlta camera and Canon HJ40 40x zoom lens

post production:
use of Autodesk Lustre and Smoke
Sledgehammer HD!O NAS storage

planet earth website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mywy

the great war

BBC documentary of WWI

The Great War(1964)
Part 1:

Strong intro.


Big Bertha and the invasion of Belgium:

Paris Gun and the siege of Paris: