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nara奈良 and the roaming deer

DSC_7225 복사본we rent bikes and ride around the city where the deer roam free.

DSC_7250 복사본we lunch on things leaf-wrapped and raw. DSC_7236 복사본

DSC_7268 복사본we eat while a gang of panhandling, god-sent, japanese deer encircle our position.

DSC_7304 복사본we visit todai-ji 東大寺,  a buddhist temple built in 752 AD.

DSC_7335 복사본we meet the shadowy komokuten 廣目天/광목천. one of the four heavenly kings and ruler of the west.

DSC_7371 복사본outside the great buddha hall 大仏殿 we find pindola 賓頭盧 but we refrain from trying his healing powers. from the late edo period.

DSC_7405 복사본night falls and we head over to a restaurant for fishcake (오뎅 おでん). DSC_7500 복사본then tea and tiny japanese deserts.      DSC_7485 복사본