Fukuoka 福岡 December 31, 2015

fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1779fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1782Waiting in line for steak and pork intestines. Underground near Hakata station 博多駅.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1794fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1806Our apartment near Hakata station.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1801fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1810A man carrying a ceremonial, evil-destroying arrow Hama Yumi purchased from a near by Shino temple (Wakahachimangu 若八幡, Gion station 祇園駅). fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1813We had takoyaki たこ焼き and other snacks from street vendors while we waited in line outside a Shinto temple.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1825fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1836Statues of Kappa playing in a waterfall. Tenjin Chikagai under Watanabe dori. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1840Watanabe dori. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1848Ramen tickets.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1852Tonkotsu ramen, our last meal of the year.fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1861Claw cranes near Solaria. fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1862 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1864 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1865 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1866 fukuoka-dec31-DSC_1869