Film meeting

We’re inviting people who would like to come and join us for some coffee and talk about film, experiences working on films and perhaps see about working together. We’re certain that we’re not alone in thinking that we all would like to get to know the work of other local filmmakers, talk to them,  learn from them, work with them, and strengthen the community.

Stop by and talk about film, and, more importantly, talk about making films and, even more importantly, make films.

I once read a good book On Film-making and while looking for the secret formula to create a great film, the best advise I found in it was (and I’m paraphrasing here) to put the book down, and go make a film because “work is the only real training”.

We will be hosting film talks/film making every week on Saturday afternoons (unless, that is, we’re making a film). We’ll talk about dramatic construction, experimental films, Godard, Michael Bay, whatevs.

Stop by.

5:00 PM | Starbucks | Geumnyeonsan Stn. 금련산역 at Gwangan Beach.

Directions: Exit 3, Geumnyeonsan Station (on the green line), go towards Gwangan Beach. Starbucks is before Sharky’s.

Miguel DeLA