three temples

buddha’s birthay.
we travel to three temples as it is tradition:
we start in 백연화사 baekyeonhwasa,

DSC_4543we eat bibimbap and watermelon.

DSC_4546under the serene stare of a thousand golden buddhas.

DSC_4552we walk under the shadows of a thousand rainbow lanterns

DSC_4561we travel south to gaya-dong. we hike up to 선암사 seonamgsa.

DSC_4558guardian pets

DSC_4587we sit down to makeoli, tofu and kimchi on an industrial wire spool table.

DSC_4632we drive towards mandeok. up dusty roads. we reach 석불사 sokbulsa hidden up in the hills that divide western and eastern busan.

DSC_4630we play throw-the-coin at the pagoda.

DSC_4642carvings of two heavenly kings and buddhas.

DSC_4645a guardian .

DSC_4684we ride east. from the road we see western busan, mandeok, deokcheon, the nakdonggang and the floodplains.

DSC_4687we cross the pass into the east of the white city. we find a view of sajik and the yeonsan neighborhood, baesan hill and the distant towers of marine city.

happy birthday buddha,

happy blated bday bob.

girl from the north country fair