american sniper

Watched American Sniper but had to leave before seeing the end.
I wanted it to be good.
-The dialogue between husband and wife felt unrealistic and unmotivated at times.
-Throughout the movie I knew what was going to happen before it did which to me is the sign of cliches.
-Some wound shots were obviously CGI-ed. Like the boy with the grenade that gets sniped. I was surprised to find out the director was Clint Eastwood and the story based on a real sniper… and that it received Oscar nominations.
-I thought the evil sniper looked like a pirate.
-Bradley Cooper was great.
-I liked one scene in particular: It’s night and Bradley Cooper is perched on his sniper nest. The city is moon lit blue and there’s a small palm tree on fire. It seems odd because the green palm leaves looked noncombustible… the sight reminded me of Moses’ dream. In the scene we also see women in black hijabs trotting in the dark. Eerie.