Guess who I saw at the beach last night

Mr. Park

Mr. Park a.k.a. The Trolling Ahjussi (Wikipedia)

I saw a film shoot on the boardwalk of Haeundae beach. I approached it with innocent curiosity (which to me is to get as close as I can until somebody tells me otherwise) and inadvertently broke through the restricted perimeter. Me hice el weon and kept walking because nobody was stopping me. I didn’t mean to screw the shoot but…

I was able to get pretty close to Park Jin Young, a Korean pop icon and the star of the shoot. I got close enough for Mr. Park himself to turn around and flash me a look of concern… I was wearing my mystery fedora. As I recovered from star-struckness, one of the location assistants ran up to me holding a glowing traffic baton. I played the dumb foreigner card and inclined my head to the right like a puppy making sense of a strange sound.

The Star, second from right

I tried to get a picture of “The Asiansoul” as he is known here, but I was too far and my hipstamatic had no zoom capabilities. Nice try. Once again I had missed an opportunity to achieve fame by tackling a famous person.

The video that introduced me to Mr. Park (he’s the one who needs toilet paper):

I did try to get close again for a picture. This time, however, I had been placed on the watch list.