Albóndiga Mccatters

Albondiga Mccaters

Born: October 10, 1999.

Died: December 11, 2009.

Occupation: Rat Catcher

Status: Feral Cat

Spouse(s): Catters

Albondiga was born in the Andalucian town of Ronda. He liked albondigas.

Early Years

Albondiga’s grandfather, Potato Whiskers, fought alongside Hemingway’s  cat, Snow White, during  Miau Meow II (MMII).

See Hemingway cats


Albondiga performed backup vocals for Keyboard Cat’s keyboard band.

Later Years and Death

Albondiga fell off Ronda’s Puente Nuevo while on a hunting excursion. He was survived by his wife, Catters.

Ronda, Spain. Albondiga’s hunting grounds.